Establishment of social dialogue and Pension Commission consultation

February 15, 2021


上周五,劳工-雇主经济论坛(LEEF)举行了会议,并由一位Taoiseach Micheál Martin主持,一位Tánaiste Leo Varadkar和部长Eamon Ryan和Michael McGrath也出席了会议。LEEF是由Ibec领导的企业和由爱尔兰工会大会领导的工会之间的三方结构,在劳动力市场问题上与政府互动。论坛确认,社会对话将成为今后几年政府互动的既定模式。这是近年来Ibec运动的一个关键支柱,也是我们制定政府方案的一个重大成果。

This is significant for Ibec members. It provides structured and regular access to cabinet for meaningful policy dialogue, influence and outcomes. All LEEF meetings will be chaired by An Taoiseach and all relevant members of the cabinet will attend. With this in place, business and our stakeholders are at the core in steering the national agenda on labour market issues including the emerging global topic of collectivism in the workplace. What motivates us in business has changed since the days of social partnership, our agenda is broader and focuses on making that which supports and surrounds business sustainable. This is not a return to centralised wage bargaining but it gives a more systematic approach to the plethora of costs on businesses from issues of additional statutory leave, sick pay, remote working and living wage suggestions. But the conversations we will have in the months ahead will require much shaping to achieve progress on behalf of Irish society and business.

Discussion on Brexit covered the need to address the labour market impacts of uncertainty on factors not accounted for by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) such as mutual recognition of qualifications, upon standards like equivalence arrangements for services such as finance and on certainty for data transfers etc.

国家恢复和复原计划开放供提交,我们将以有针对性的方式为企业提供大量投入。此外,还请养恤金委员会为政府制定一系列备选方案,以考虑在养恤金年龄、缴款率、资格标准、计算方法和支付率方面解决国家养恤金和社会保险基金的可持续性问题。它还被要求处理私营部门就业合同规定的退休年龄低于国家养老金年龄对养老金制度的影响。委员会已开始公开征求意见,Ibec将向其提交详细的意见。为了告知我们的答复,Ibec将很快发布一份成员调查,我们的委员会提名人托尼·多诺霍将协调我们的答复。委员会还邀请提交from individuals.


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